Our Services

Anne Nelson Vets is an RCVS tier 2 accredited practice. This is a voluntary scheme and means we meet certain criteria decided by the RCVS (the governing body of Veterinary Surgeons, Registered Veterinary Nurses and Veterinary Practices) to ensure we are providing the best possible service and care to our patients.  To find out more about the practice standards scheme (PSS) please go to www.rcvs.org.uk/practice-standards-scheme


We have two well equipped consulting rooms and offer 10 minute appointments per patient. Consultations are available throughout the day and we aim to offer an appointment that is convenient for you and with the particular vet you would like to see. We offer consultations Monday- Sunday, excluding Public Holidays. Consultations are by appointment only.

We run a mobile clinic every Friday from 1pm-4pm where a vet will come to your house to carry out an annual vaccination. We can also provide flea and worm treatment at the same time. This is a fantastic option for those who cannot easily get to us or if your pet finds being at the Vets highly distressing. This service incurs a visit fee of just £12 on top of any treatment you may have. Please note that this service is for vaccination only and for clients who attend Anne Nelson Vets regularly. A visit for any other treatment will incur the full visit fee.

We are now offering a delivery service for products purchased at Anne Nelson Vets. Delivery fee applies.


Anne Nelson Vets is proud to present their latest piece of equipment, K-Laser. Used in both human and veterinary medicine, and by sporting professionals around the world, K-Laser has been used for a wide range of conditions from arthritis to soft tissue trauma to wound healing and more. It uses infra-red light to stimulate cells as well as providing analgesic benefits. It is used in conjunction with other treatments and the benefits already seen with our own patients have been remarkable.

Pet Health Plans

We provide Pet Health Plans to help spread the cost of your pets preventative healthcare.By paying a monthly direct debit you will get your pets routine vaccination course, 6 monthly health check by a qualified member of staff, and flea and worm control for the year plus other benefits at a discount. This is an ideal way of ensuring you are giving your pet the best preventative care and save money.


Microchipping is an effective method of identification. It is a small chip that is inserted under the skin of your pet in a similar way to an injection under the skin. A Vet or Nurse can easily do this in a consultation.Microchipping is the only form of identification that stays with your pet. Collars and tags can come off very easily and subsequently your contact details are lost.

Nurse Clinics

Nurse consultations are available daily for minor procedures, dietary and preventative healthcare advice. Dawn Bas RVN and Kate Oliver RVN are both Royal Canin Pet Health Counsellors and are available along with the other nurses to discuss any queries you have regarding your pet and provide advice. Our nurse clinics are free of charge, not including any treatments or products you may have.

These are just some of the things that can be carried out by the nurse:

  • Post operativecheck ups and suture removal
  • Microchipping
  • Nutritional advice including weight clinics
  • Dental check ups and advice
  • Nail clipping
  • Youth Club – where puppies and kittens get one to one sessions with a nurse to help get the best start in life.
  • Arthritis Clinics – a common disease in elderly cats and dogs that is often overlooked. Help your pet tackle this condition and live a longer, happier, and more comfortable life. There is so much that can be done easily in conjunction with medication and the nurses can help you with this.

We have seen an additional benefit of pets becoming less anxious when they have been coming to the practice regularly for nurse clinics.

Surgical procedures

The theatre environment is kept meticulously clean with a strict cleaning protocol. Staff numbers are restricted in this area of the practice to avoid contamination of surgical procedures. A wide range of surgical procedures are carried out on a daily basis. Our Veterinary surgeons are experienced and regularly undertake continued professional development to learn about the latest techniques and new treatments. A large range of surgical equipment is available as and when needed. Your vet will always be happy to discuss any specific concerns you may have about any surgical procedure. As Anne Nelson is a certificate holder in Small Animal Orthopaedics she carries out orthopaedic surgery and is able to accept referrals from local surgeries.


We use the safest forms of pre-medicants and anaesthetic agents during general anaesthesia to ensure the safety of our patients. Qualified staff monitor patients constantly before, during and after a procedure and all details are recorded. We have advanced monitoring systems which allow us to measure various clinical parameters of the patients whilst anesthetised. Prior to anaesthesia we can perform a pre anaesthetic blood test to ensure internal organs are functioning correctly if appropriate.


We have a Dental machine with powered scaler, polisher and drill. This allows the vets to extract teeth that have been damaged as a result of periodontal disease or trauma. We also boast a range of preventative dental products to help owners do as much as they can at home to tackle periodontal disease.

For more information on managing your pets’ dental hygiene, please book an appointment to see a nurse.


Radiology – The surgery boasts a state of the art radiography unit producing outstanding digital X-rays of high diagnostic quality. Digital X-rays allows the images to be stored and viewed easily.

Ultrasound – We hold advanced ultrasonography equipment and carry out a large number of abdominal and cardiac ultrasounds. Viewing the internal organs by ultrasound gives us a better picture of any problems and sometimes negates or confirms the need for exploratory surgery.

Rigid endoscope – This piece of equipment allows us to look further into the body than before. It enables us to get a better picture inside ears, up noses, down throats and even into bladders but less invasively. We also have the option of taking biopsies should we see anything untoward that requires further analysis.

ECG and Blood pressure machines – ECG measure the activity of the heart and can pick up irregular rhythms. Blood pressure machines measure a patients blood pressure.


We are equipped with a variety of lab equipment including a microscope and various commercial test kits. We have also recently updated our blood machine and can now run haematology and electrolytes as well as a Biochemistry analyser ‘in house’. This provides testing of blood samples for initial testing to be done at the Surgery with results available within the hour. It allows us to easily run pre-operative blood tests on the day of your pets surgery so we can support your pet fully during their anaesthesia and provide you with results for several other common blood tests much more quickly than sending to an external laboratory.


We have a light and spacious kennel area which is warm and comfortable for both day patients and In-patients. If a patient requires hospitalisation we have a huge variety of foods to try and keep to your pet’s familiar diet, as well as specialised diets to treat certain conditions. We also have an intensive care unit which allows us to deliver Oxygen therapy very easily.

We encourage people to come and visit their animals when staying with us as this sometimes encourages the animal to feel at ease within the environment but at times may advise that it isn’t appropriate. We have a team of dedicated In-patient nurses who provide the treatments but also spend time with each individual animal.

Should an animal require isolation due to a potentially infectious condition such as cat flu or parvovirus in dogs, we have a specialised isolation unit with its own completely separate facilities. This enables ‘barrier nursing’ to take place to ensure that any infections are contained.

Rescue Work

We treat animals from the Dog’s Trust, RSPCA, Cats Protection and Croydon Animal Samaritans to name a few. As a practice, Anne Nelson Vets believes in helping cruelly treated or unwanted animals to find the loving homes they deserve. It is important to say that there is a wide age range of animals that require homes. If you feel you could offer fostering or general volunteering for any of these charities then please see the contact details below.

Croydon Animal Samaritans

0208 688 6568
Barbara Allen

Cats Protection

020 8763 0072
General helpline